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About Bloody Feather

Bloody Feather is an online blog community for those who prefer to write dark thoughts. Although not a criteria for membership, most of the blogs you will find here are darker in nature.

1. You're a new site visitor without an account.
2. What is Status?
3. What is the Dark Network?
4. Now What?

1. You're a new site visitor without an account.

Welcome to Bloody Feather! You don't need to sign up in order to view most pages of this website. However, if you want to do anything that involves posting information to the site, you'll need an account. When you sign up for a free account you can craft your Profile, start writing in your Blog, post to the Forum, find and chat with Friends, and more.

2. What is Status?

When you sign up for a free Bloody Feather account, the system tracks your site usage. As you spend more time here your Status increases. The higher your Status is the more power you have throughout the site. You can read more about Status levels and the powers associated with each level here.

The top positions, Regent, Peacekeeper, and The Prince, are administrator positions and users with these positions administer and maintain this website.

3. What is the Dark Network?

Bloody Feather is a member of The Dark Network. The Dark Network is a collection of linked social networking websites. If you are a member of a participating Dark Network website, you are instantly a member of all Dark Network websites. The network provides our members with access to many different communities with a single login username and password.

As a member, you only need to sign up once. You can then access any of the websites in the Dark Network. Basic Membership is always free.

4. Now What?

Well if you're not already a member, sign up! Basic membership is always free. With a free account you can message other users, post to the Forum, post to the Database, enter Bloody Feather chat rooms, create a Blog, and much much more!

Bloody Feather currently has 27,418 members. 66 members are online right now! Join us today!


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